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Botox Injections (Near Me)

Botox Injections by Doctors

Botox® is the botulinum treatment designed to effectively reduce the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines. Utilizing a trusted and proven formula, Botox® injections near me at Dr. Juventas Med Spa in Beverly Hills, stand out in the world of injectables. TREATMENT FOR: Frown Lines 🌟 Crow’s Feet 🌟 Forehead Lines 🌟 Wrinkles & Fine Lines 🌟 Glabellar Lines WHY CHOOSE Botox®? 1. Fast treatment (around 10-15 minutes) with no downtime. 2. Custom to your personal needs, ensuring natural-looking results. 3. Botox injected by trained medical professionals for the best results.

  • 499 US dollars
  • Dr. Juventas Med Spa in Santa Clarita|Dr. Juventas Med Spa in Beverly Hills

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